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Cwtch gallery*

We are only just up and running but we would love to get photos from you all, of your happy places, of those you love to cwtch and of you in your cwtch clothing out there making the world a better place.. please send us your photos to for our favourite photo each month we will send you a free Cwtch tshirt!

Your photos here...

jens boyfriends cwtch

Cwtch by Dylan Thomas's Boat House


cwtch jumper at the big brother final

Cwtch at the Big Brother Final.. "You can just about see my Cwtch Hoodie over my banner at the Big Brother Final! Woohoo... Cwtch kept me warm !!! It is on my Facebook profile too. Thanks, Amy xxx"

Liz in Cwtch tshirt at Glastonbury

Cwtch at Glastonbury


cwtch green helicopter

Cwtch made it to the Falklands...


Where can you take Cwtch?




cwtch me hoody

cwtch somebody you love with this cosy cwtch tshirt or hoodie*









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