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At Cwtch* clothing we love to cwtch, we love the word, we love to do it, we love everything it embodies and that's why we have created our clothing so that you can share our and your own cwtch.

Cwtch* clothing provide a brilliant new range of clothing with buoyant and clean designs on wonderfully huggable cosy clothes.

Cwtch* is run by a young couple (Jenny and Matt) we are all about doing good things and we are going to invest any profits from Cwtch* to help us in establishing our own cwtch, a sustainable small farm in South Wales.

You can't Cwtch* somebody in a dodgy t-shirt, so well.. we're not.. All Cwtch* t-shirts and hoodies are produced with a strong responsibility for those making them. No tears were shed in the making of our hugs.

We hope at some point to launch a second range of clothing using all welsh wool.

Next year we are going to organize the worlds biggest hug, we need 10,000 people to join us to get in the guiness book of records.

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We are not here to make big profits (luckily) we just want to spread the cwtch, so if your unhappy about anything or even if you just want to say hello then drop us an email:


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