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Design your own Cwtch*

Your Cwtch is quite a personal thing and we get a lot of emails asking if we can create specific tops like this or like that... most of which are wonderful and we trust you... so you can now create your own! We do recomend though that you use the Flock print option (it gives a wonderful fury texture and lasts for ages, we love it!)

All our clothes are REALLY good quality. You can't spread the love with a dodgy T-shirt and so, well, we're not doing! P.S. It takes a few seconds to load...


We have lots of questions about what size item would be best for you, well hopefully the chart below will give you a clue. Unfortunately our sizes are restricted to what the printers can provide and tend to be quite snug. So if you are a girl and want a big cozy hoody we suggest you get the size up or snuggle up in one of the mens versions.

Womens T-shirt S M L XL    
Size A (inch) - Length 24 24.4 26.4 27.2    
Size B (inch) - Bust 30 31.4 35.4 37    
UK Size 8-10 10-12 12-14 14-16    
Womens Hoodie S M L      
Size A (inch) - Length 24.8 24.8 25.2      
Size B (inch) - bust 35.4 36.2 37.8      
UK Size 8-10 10-12 12-14      
Mens T-Shirt S M L XL XXL XXXL
Size A (inch) - length 27.2 28 29.1 30.3 31.1 31.5
Size B (inch) - chest 41 41.8 44 45.6 49.6 50.4
Mens Hoodie S M L XL XXL  
Size A (inch) - length 26.4 27.6 28 28.7 29.5  
Size B (inch) - chest 41.8 43.4 46.4 48.8 50.4  

Size Guide



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